Friday, October 31, 2008

Muppet Meditation #54: 24 Hour Counting Service

Wherein the lambs from the Lambaba get so tired of jumping for the Count's amusement that they quit, necessitating the Count's hiring of a 24 Hour Emergency Counting Service. The guy who shows up at the door sounds like one of those bada-bing bada-boom New Yorkers that you hear so much about but never see. To get the count to sleep, he dresses like a sheep. He then proceeds to hurl himself over the Count's bed, injuring himself to the joyful laughter of Count von Count.

I think that the Count needs to come to a realization. As a distant cousin to Count Dracula, he's bound to have insomnia. He's a freakin' vampire. Sure, he'd rather count than suck blood, but the fact remains the same. If the Count doesn't understand that, who knows how many 24 Hour Emergency Pretend Sheep we're likely to lose...or maybe that's the Count's sinister plan?


Happy Halloween.


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